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BGG Con: 2017 — Another awesome convention!

Hello, friends! I know I’m totally super duper late with this post, but immediately after BGG Con, my family came to visit for Thanksgiving (which was an awesome time!), and I’ve been taking some time to catch up on life events. So, without further ado … grab a drink and settle in, it’s gonna be a long recap. But that’s cool, right?

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BGG Con 2016: Friends, Team Geek and new games!

Guys, I’m totally having BGG Con withdrawal!! I had such a fabulous time, and I just want to spend another 5 glorious days of just board gaming. This past BGG Con was my third one I’ve attended. I think back to how I went to BGG Con for the first time in 2014 ALL BY MYSELF and didn’t know a single soul, to how busy I was this year gaming and hanging out with people. I feel eternally grateful for finding great friends who are obsessed about this hobby as I am.

I remember telling local friends three years ago what I was going to do, and they were like, you’re going on vacation by yourself and doing what for how many days?!? Turns out, it was one of the best things I’ve ever did, as it allowed me to jump straight into the deep end of the hobby. And I can’t wait to see where this hobby takes me.

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BGG Con 2016: All the board games I played!

BGG Con 2016 came and went, and it was a blast! It still blows my mind that five days can go by so quickly! And I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

I’m planning to do two posts on BGG Con. In this post, I’m going to write about all the games that I played. The next post will be about gaming with friends and the overall con experience, and, most importantly, which board games I came home with. My board-game play total for the convention: 23. And away we go!

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BGG Con 2015: From the eyes of a volunteer

I meant to write this post sooner but things got busy during Thanksgiving weekend. Hope everybody had a wonderful holiday weekend! And one of the things I’m thankful for is being a part of a wonderful board-gaming community.

Anyway, if anybody has any reservations about joining Team Geek at BGG Con, I would say to you: Do it! You’ll be glad you did! (Plus, you get a super sweet jersey!)

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BGG Con 2015: Games, games and more games!

Wow, BGG Con came and went to so quickly! I arrived Dallas a day before the convention to attend Team Geek orientation, and immediately got into gaming that evening. I’m planning to write a follow-up post next on what it was like to be part of Team Geek, so this entry will be strictly about gaming and other activities.

BGG Con 2015 had sold out over 2,800 tickets and to make room for even more gaming, it had booked Room 25 on each floor so that folks had the option to game there instead of going down to the main ballroom in the convention floor. These rooms were pretty cool, each having about 6 tables each, complete with water stations and a bathroom inside. I met up with some friends on Tuesday night to play card games. The first one was a German set-collecting game from Essen that translated to 3 Is Too Much. The next one was Red 7, which is a hand-management player-elimination game. Both were fun, but now I realize I forgot to take photos of either one of them. I blame it on being tired from a travel day.

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Getting ready for BGG Con

I flew out this morning from Phoenix to Dallas to help get ready for BGG Con, which begins tomorrow and runs through Sunday. This year will be my second time at the convention, and my first time on Team Geek, which will require some volunteer time throughout the convention.

I’m super duper excited! I’m already seeing familiar faces today.  I can’t believe a year has gone by since we all played games together. And I can’t wait to meet even more people in the board-gaming community and play some games!

The end of BGG Con

One of the many, many vendor aisles. There's a banner for King of New York, which is a successful follow-up to King of Tokyo.
One of the many vendor aisles. There’s a banner for King of New York, which is a successful follow-up to King of Tokyo.

The final 24 hours of BGG Con was basically a blur of gaming and sleep-deprivation, and then when I returned to reality, work got in the way of writing about my experience.

As a first-timer, I read through multiple forums on BGG about transportation, food, activities and what to expect. But in the end, I was totally blown away by my experience. Twenty. Four. Hour. Gaming.  Woohoo!

I returned to work telling my co-workers that the convention is just like a cruise. There are events scheduled, but in reality, you can do as little or as much as you want to. And I fully tried to take advantage of everything. So much gaming, so little time! And then just like that, four days passed, and it was time to go home.

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My second day at BGG Con

I finished my second day at BGG Con, which is actually the third day of the convention. I wasn’t able to get in on Wednesday because of work. I totally wish I got in a day earlier. Yesterday felt like a day to adjust from traveling and then checking out what the convention was all about. Today, I was in full force and had actual plans on what I wanted to do.

Naturally, lots of board gaming happened today, some epic battles and some surprises. I met even more folks today, too. I also got a free game from a nice gentleman, and lots of swag. Everybody is so nice here. We are all kindred spirits, and see nothing wrong with staying up all night to board game.  You make hard decisions such as should I go get food or join this new game that’s starting? You totally feel like you’re in Las Vegas. Non-stop gaming. And you can get beer from the bar, too.

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