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Cthulhu Wars: Time to wake the Great Old Ones!

I recently got a copy of Cthulhu Wars, a game I’ve been obsessed about since BGG Con 2014. Only one of my gaming friends owns this game and unfortunately he lives quite a distance from me so I don’t get to play Cthulhu Wars as often as I like. The last time we played it was at Friendship Con, our annual mini-convention in which we play Cthulhu-theme games and others. If you look closely, our T-shirts were even designed with official art of the different factions from Cthulhu Wars. For those of you guys unfamiliar with this game, it’s seriously epic.

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The second-annual Friendship Con

My friends and I decided to host a second-annual Friendship Con last week, and I had so much fun. It was nice seeing friends who moved away from Phoenix and those friends I haven’t seen since last year’s event.

We played a lot of games, though sadly we didn’t get through all the games on our uber ambitious list. There were a couple sleepless nights for me (I am so not a morning person, and, not gonna lie, it was rough getting somewhere by 8:30 a.m.), but in the end, I got some good gaming in with fun folks!

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Strategicon 2016: Finally playing Virgin Queen

I can’t believe it’s been a week since Strategicon! I’m seriously having convention withdrawal. My Phoenix friend and I decided to go to OrcCon for two very different reasons. I wanted to play Virgin Queen, which was slated for 11 hours of game play, and he wanted to play Mega Civilization, which was slated for 14 hours of play. And guess what? Both of us succeeded in doing so! Huzzah!

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