Tricking out my Trickerion game with Meeple Realty

I love Trickerion so much that I purchased a wooden insert from Meeple Realty while I was at BGG Con in November. I just got around to building it. I actually started two weeks ago and realized that the set I had purchased was missing wooden sheets. I emailed the Meeple Realty folks, and they quickly sent me what I was missing. Love it when a company has great customer service!

I purchased my Meeple Realty Trickerion insert in Dallas at BGG Con in November.

Anyway, this wooden insert was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever built, but, my friends, it is definitely worth it! I can see how this insert will make it easy to set up the game and for each player to keep all their items organized (because if you’ve played the game, you know there are a lot of components to it). I’ve only build inserts from Broken Token before, so building a Meeple Realty insert was a whole new experience for me.

So many wooden sheets! And this was before I realized there were even more wooden sheets!

The Meeple Realty insert is super intricate and so much thought was placed into building an insert that matched the theme of the game. The instructions were easy to follow, which is always great. The design though was cut into the wood so tightly that I had a little trouble putting pieces together. There were a couple forceful moments of me screaming into the ether, “Why isn’t this working?!?!” And then, “Oh, finally!” (Wiping sweat off my brow). Building the insert definitely needed a lot of elbow grease.

This component holder was BY FAR the hardest thing to assemble. These three steps sit inside a box, and you adjust them like bleachers so the tiles are easily accessible.
This the final product for the components inside the box. The thing on the right is the lid for the whole thing, which you slide over it after you adjust each row to sit flat again.

Granted, I don’t own any sandpaper or any other wood-working tools (which are clearly suggested to have handy at the start of the instruction manual) so maybe others wouldn’t have such a hard time putting it together.

I love the design of this holder for the performance cards! There’s a top hat on the other side.
These slots will eventually hold the magician abilities cards.

It took me about 3 evenings’ worth of time to finish it. But again, I have no experience working with wood, so I’m really not a good gauge into how long it would take to build.

Each player gets a wooden tray to organize all their pieces …
… which then sit in this box when you put it away inside the game box.

Once I was done building all the wooden pieces, I used the company website to figure out which components went where and how to assemble the insert into the box. And it was freakin’ glorious!! I could not be more pleased with myself.

Here are all the insert pieces, filled with their cards or components.
This is how the first layer of the insert sits inside the box …
… and here’s the entire insert inside the box. Isn’t it gorgeous?!?

Everything fit so nicely, and I love that the insert also accounted for the Dahlgaard’s Gift add-on pack, which is the second expansion if you count the Dark Alley one that’s included in the base game as the first expansion. Anyway, I can’t wait to get this on table again!

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2 thoughts on “Tricking out my Trickerion game with Meeple Realty”

  1. Ah! Looks like your Meeple Realty link is broken…but thanks for the review! I hadn’t heard of these guys, their work looks great!

    1. Ah, thanks for the heads-up! That link is updated now. Yup, quality products and excellent customer service. Thanks for reading!

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