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Tricking out my Trickerion game with Meeple Realty

I love Trickerion so much that I purchased a wooden insert from Meeple Realty while I was at BGG Con in November. I just got around to building it. I actually started two weeks ago and realized that the set I had purchased was missing wooden sheets. I emailed the Meeple Realty folks, and they quickly sent me what I was missing. Love it when a company has great customer service!

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Tzolk’in: Painting my Mayan calendar

I first learned to play Tzolk’in at BGG Con in 2015 and just fell in love with the game. I was totally fascinated by the wheel mechanic, plus the little skulls are pretty bad ass. My friends who had taught me how to play the game mentioned that people have painted their gears (the gears are beigey-white color out of the box), so naturally I Googled some images and decided that if I should ever own the game in the future, I’m totally painting the gears.

Well, that time is now! I finally bought a copy of this game about two months ago but haven’t had the time to commit to such an undertaking. Since my friends and I recently have been getting into sprucing up our games with 3D printing, I’m currently in this mood to do something crafty all the time!

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3D printing and sprucing up your board games

I’ve been spending some time at my local library recently. A friend of mine has introduced my board-game group to the awesome world of 3D printing! If you follow me on Snapchat (@MeepleLady), I snapped a little bit of the process last week. After taking a training class and signing a waiver, I now have access to reserve printer time and print out ALL THE THINGS!

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My first Broken Token organizer

I finally had some time to assemble the Broken Token organizer for Caverna, both of which I received on my birthday.  Caverna is a game with a million little pieces, both in plastic and cardboard form, and having an organizer for it seriously saves like 20 minutes for setup and cleanup of the game. And having the organizer ensures that the piles of resources are contained and don’t get out of hand, thereby saving space at your gaming table.

I first encountered a Broken Token organizer for this game back at Strategicon, and I said to myself that I would never play Caverna without it again. With the organizer, you open the box, pop out the two trays, pass out the tableaus and place the little rooms on the board. Easy peasy!

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Painting meeples on shoes

I painted meeples on my Toms shoes!
I painted meeples on my Toms shoes!

This blog will primarily be about board games and my gaming experiences. And the meeple is central to board-gaming.

A meeple is a small person-shaped piece used as a player’s token in many eurogames. The word is a mashup of “my people.”

So while this post isn’t officially about playing board games, I still wanted to share. My crafty friend came over to show me how to paint Toms shoes. I purchased a regular black canvas pair for the project. My goal for the shoes: giant red meeples.

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