How is it March already?

Wow, where did February go? And how is it that it feels like the holidays were just yesterday? Well, here we are in March, and I haven’t been blogging as much I had hoped to. As I mentioned on Instagram, I got a new job early February, and my entire schedule has been non-stop and action-packed! With a bit of board gaming in there, naturally. So here’s a few things I was up to last month, and a few goals for March …

Trickerion, and its Meeple Realty insert, in all its awesomeness. It’s such a large game!

I got Trickerion out on table, which is now super tricked out with my handy-dandy Meeple Realty insert. The entire package was a hit with my gaming group! There were three of us who know how to play, and one who hadn’t, and she ended up winning the entire thing. Even with the wooden inserts, the game still took up a massive chunk of table space. It was just nice being able to pull out everything quickly to start, and cleanup wasn’t too bad either. Though, full disclosure, I took a photo on my cellphone on how to place all the components back in, because it’s not a super intuitive. The insert is still great nonetheless.

These are my two favorite characters in Above and Below, mostly because they look like me!

Another game I’ve played a lot recently is Above and Below, which I’ve played as a 2-player, 3-player and 4-player game in the past month. The game actually works well with all three setups.  The guys I usually game with have also been busy, so it’s rare that more than three of us are meeting up on one of our weekly game nights. My one friend and I usually stick around for another game (like the addicts we are), which has led to some fun 2-player games. I also got a chance to play Five Tribes as a 2 player, which was surprisingly quick! The downtime in between turns was pretty non-existent so we finished our game in about 40 minutes.

Spinning the wheel, collecting corn and not angering the gods in Tzolk’in.

Also in the past month, I taught some folks Tzolk’in, which became a big hit. I always get nervous teaching games I love because I’m afraid that I might mess up teaching the game and it would sour the experience. Luckily, that wasn’t the case! With each new success, I’m feeling more confident in my game-teaching abilities. Yay!

Goals for March

I have three new games that has been sitting on my living-room couch waiting to be played. And yes, I said couch. The struggle is real for more shelf space. Le sigh.

Orleans Invasion: I particularly want to play the Prosperity module first, as my close friends are not fans of co-op games, so that will be a tougher sell down the line. I’m intrigued by the new Carpenter component of the game, and building and manning new buildings.

Moving some ships and making money in the Panama Canal.

Panamax: This game I’ve been obsessed with since BGG Con 2014. That’s 3 freakin’ years people. My lovely friend got it for me late last year as a gift, and I’ve been going over the rule book back and forth to familiarize myself as much as I can before getting it on table. I do not want this teaching session to be a disaster.

The Golden Wilderness is made by the same company that makes Leaving Earth.

The Golden Wilderness:  Funny story about The Golden Wilderness. One of my favorite games that I played last year is Leaving Earth, which is sold by this small company that sells felt products, sewing tools and, randomly, board games. My friend was at a quilting convention in Phoenix, and she texted me to say there are board games at this one booth and would I want to get any. Lo and behold, it was Lumenaris Group! She then picked me up a copy of The Golden Wilderness, which is a game about early California (my home state) from the Spanish explorers to the Gold Rush. This company is fantastic and it makes awesome board games, even though their main product isn’t board games.

Anyway, hope everybody is having a good month. Until next time!

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